About Us

A team of experienced financial engineering in posses of high level skills

Our team is composed of expertise within the  financial and technology sectors. The combination of our skills has given birth first to our financial investment product, where mathematics and financial engineering returned a high yield investment strategy, second to strong and reliable relationship with our partners. We think that transparency is the best way of building trustworthy and healthy financial echosystems. 

We analyzed, select, choose and continuously monitor the financial products on the market that compete with our returns. Our strategy has achieved its results in the past and the experience has given us more trust for the future. See our past Real Performance

We are so confident in our ability to deliver above market returns that we only charge a 24% performance fee on profits generated (this is known as a “high watermark fee”). For more details, please refer to Fees and Other Costs in our Investment Program

We are forex experts and we want to share our knowledge with you. 

Why choose Alphixcapital?


We have studied the best way to give you access and monitor your investment 24/7. You have direct access to the platform and access to the open positions. Discover how by reading the HOW DOES IT WORK page


We answer any question you have related to your investment. We support you during the whole process of on-boarding process and you find answers to any questions you have CONTACT US

Optimized costs

Alphix has decided to do not charge any fixed cost to the customer and to get 24% remuneration out of the gained profits. This is the way to motivate our team of traders and establish a stable trust base with our customer.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to invest in the currency markets but you don’t have time to learn how, our strategies are what you are looking for.