How it works?

The best technology choosen to achieve the best performance

We use MAM Technology

MAM technology allows us to manage multiple accounts from a single place.  All accounts share a portion of each trade, based on the equity. You bring the capital to be invested and the money manager brings their time and expertise to manage that investment for you. A small performance fee is charged at the end of the month.

Aphix Capital has established the best partnership for the security of the customer funds and to allow a direct access to it. The Aplhix Expert MAM account offers the opportunity to monitor your investment directly from your phone. This is the best way that helps to automatize profit/loss distribution, eliminate human error and allows Money Managers to manage multiple Investors accounts via one centralized MT4 interface.

Funds from all Investors on the manager account are traded as one unit and this means more room for money management and better position management options. The MAM service keeps your account individual and gains and losses are automatically distributed by the broker between the MAM Manager and you, the investor, on a percentage basis so that everyone receives their percentage rate of return.

We are available to support you and set up your account. It is a very simple and straight forward process.

Aplication process

The process can easily be split up to two phases:


You can fund the account by Bank wire or credit card. Funds are segregate and not touchable from the broker.
Withdraw charges are usually close to zero, however it depends from the broker chosen.

Monitoring Technology

Download the mobile application to monitor your investment: