Our Strategies

After years of experience and studies within the forex markets, ALPHIX has decided to share the rewarding and risk-balanced strategies with the entire world

We have solid knowledge of the forex market in its whole. Experience helps learning from mistakes and improves the problem solving capabilities. We have come across many difficulties, but finally we gave birth to the best investment strategies that mitigates the risks associated with forex industry and leverage the solidity of mathematical theories.

Alphix Capital Multicurrency

Est. APR




Sharpe Ratio


Max. DD


Value at Risk

*There is a chance lower than 0.01% of loosing 100% of the account. This will require 1074 consecutive losing trades.

Strategy Description

The strategy seeks to generate absolute returns, independent of market conditions through a high-yield investment strategy that relies on quantitative algorithmic trading with high to medium trading frequency, uncorrelated to market beta. The strategy has been developed to trade the main pair currencies in the forex market. EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY are the main currencies that have been deeply analyzed by our traders. Our team has worked hard before achieving a stable performance with a balanced low-risk policy.

Key Features

The power of Algorithms

The strategy has been backtested for the period between the June 2017 and June 2019. The video is showing the algorithms at work during the abovementioned period. It shows the balance changes and opened position for the EURUSD pair.